Natural Antibiotics

Oregano oil – the most powerful natural antibiotic

British scientists compared the action of oregano oil with the action of the most popular eighteen antibiotics. It turned out that the higher content material of carvacrol works better than antibiotics, destroying bacteria resistant to some antibiotics.

Carvacrol from oregano oil works in the whole body and can be utilized each internally and externally. Carvacrol inhibits acterial development, spread of Gold Staphylococcus especially in the lung and acial (pimples) in parallel with antibacterial, mucolytic and expectorant impact.

 Internal use of oregano oil:

It is administrated against viruses and parasites of any type, bacteria such as Candida, Giardia duodenalis, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Salmonella enterica, and Staphylococcus aureus. It is also helpful in: urinary tract infections and prostatitis. It can be also managed to avoid post operatively infection especially with Gold Staphylococcus (which can be deadly). Is indicated in pulmonary infections, persistent cough and sore throat.

Are administrated five drops, 3-five times per day, below the tongue or dissolved in water or in a teaspoon mixed with a little honey or juice. Maintain briefly in the mouth then swallow. Immediately following administration, breathe deeply a couple of times to breathe vapors of oregano.

For lung or sinus infections in addition to sublingual administration, inhalations are effective: Boil water in a bowl and place a couple of drops in hot water. Method to the bowl with water and oregano oil, location a towel over your head and draw deeply the vapors emanating from hot water. You can also use a vaporizer.

 For herpes is administered below the tongue 3-five drops, adopted by 2-3 drops every hour for nine hours every day. In addition, utilized regionally in the affected region 2-3 drops of oregano oil, 2-3 times every day.

 Exterior use of oregano oil:

Oregano oil can be utilized externally by applying to the affected region 2-3 times per day:

 Skin: For stings, infections, boils, pimples, psoriasis, warts, pores and skin irritations, fungal infections: Apply a couple of drops of oregano and rub the affected region till well absorbed into the pores and skin. Add a couple of drops of oil into bath soap or shower gel. You can add in the liquid soap for hands. In case of pores and skin wounds, warts, boils or pimples applies oil to saturation and rub well into the pores and skin. In case of damage or furunculosis go over with a plaster.

For tooth and gums disinfection and complete disinfection of the mouth, to treat or prevent parodontitis: Location a couple of drops of oregano oil on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste and rub the tooth. In case of infection in the gums rub a couple of drops.

Hair: In case of scalp with a fungus infection or in case of dandruff and other scalp discomfort, add a couple of drops in shampoo hair prior to washing. Leave on hair shampoo thus ready for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

Herpes: one-3 drops in the affected region 2-3 times per day.

Aromatherapy: Due to nice and insightful smell, but also because of to numerous advantageous qualities, couple of drops of oregano oil in an evaporator purify the air of viruses, bacteria, and so on.

Ft: This fungus (mushrooms) cause damage to the foot (athlete’s foot), especially between the toes, and foot damage in parallel with a very unpleasant smell. Apply and distribute a couple of drops of oregano oil between your fingers and nails.

Intimate hygiene: A couple of drops of oregano oil in hot water sitz bath assists to get rid of problems associated to a wide range of fungi (such as yeast).

Oregano Oil from Calivita is 100% natural and pure, with many health advantages such as natural antibiotic property. It is very effective in treating and stopping colds and throat pains, bronchial spasms, removes streamline mucus in the lungs, treat fungal infections, get rid of digestive problems, has anti-parasitic impact, has antioxidant, mucolytic and antispasmodic qualities. Oregano Oil is recognized globally as a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic and antifungal that can get rid of discomfort and keep absent irritation and infections.

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